Horsemanship TH-Wagner, Western Riding, Equine Massage, coaching, training, teaching
Horsemanship TH-Wagner, Western Riding, Pferdemassage, Mobiler Coach, Trainer

Horsemanship TH-Wagner Horsemanship - and beyond ...

Horsemanship TH-Wagner, Western Riding, Equine Massage, coaching, training, teaching

Learn how to communicate with feel and timing. Earn your horse's respect and trust and prove to your horse that you are interested in this relationship.


Too many riders and horse owners simply "go along" with the problems and difficulties they are facing with their horses. Most of the time the person's and the horse's feeling for each other has been lost,  and most of the time the person's correct timing is not the best either.


If this is the case the horse wants to become number one in the "herd". The horse simply has to - or else it would not be a horse.

At that point - with respect to all the trust and love in horses - the rider's or handler's world will not be as successfull or joyfull as it really could be (obviously in 80% of the case).


Show your horse that you are interested in a relationship that demands respect. Once you earned your horse's respect, trust will follow as well as flexibility, the horse's attention, lightness, suppleness, and a willing and friendly horse as such.

"If you really want something then you will find a way - if not, you will find an excuse." (Ian Francis)


"Our mare was absolutely untrained when we bought her and put her in our herd. She reacted with even more panic when being handled or even rearing. After 2 month groundwork with horsemanship TH-Wagner we even trailer loaded our mare within about 3 minutes. The "Team" thanks you for your outstanding support."

(Sabine and Horst H.)


"Isabeau gives her practical knowledge to each rider also carefully looking at the horse's physical and mental capacity.  As a rider you learn to better communicate with your horse by sitting correctly and using cues that correspond directly with the horse's legs. We are excited about the development of my young mare together with her young rider."

(Sandra S.)

Roundpen Work

A short clip about the roundpenning where the horse's attention and respect is earned.


A short clip about working jog-canter transitions with bosal & mecate.